Nothing to match with your Size in Standard Sizes?

We can make that in Custom Size Tailored Fitting.

Custom Size Tailored Fitting, have your leathers made in accordance to your body measurements that feels comfortable and wearable all day long, even for those long rides.

Standard Size 32-50: Before selecting the size please find our comprehensive Size Chart even with minute details to find the exact fit. We offer standard sizes ranging from US 32 to 50.

Custom Size: We recommend custom size for profession riders and riders who love race fit. Custom fit offers perfect racing position, comfort and mobility.
Download Measurement form (pdf), print it, read measurement points and guide carefully, get measured and note the measurements on the printed form. Once you are done with the measurement, send the measurement from the Made to Measure (Online Form). Leave the rest on us.


  • Do not take your own measurements.
  • Measurements must be taken by a second party.
  • Tie a string around waistline for consistent measurements.
  • Refer to diagrams for exact points of measurements.
  • When Measuring, stand tall with your muscles relaxed and feet together.
  • Use a Flexible measuring take, such as plastic or cloth.
  • Don't trust your memory, be sure to write the measurements.
  • Its better if you measure yourself on your bare skin, not over cloths.
  • When measuring, apply constant pressure to the tape (so it doesn't sag) with out pinching the skin.
  • Measure under the same conditions each time, such as same clothes or none at all.

Video Instructions



Reference Diagrams


How to Measure?

A Neck Circumference At Collar Measure collar bellow Adam's Apple
B Chest Circumference Measure around center line of chest; at widest point standing straight up & down
C Waist Circumference Measure along center of waistline
D Hip Circumference Measure along center of hip line at widest point around hips
E Thigh Circumference Measure at widest point around thigh
F Knee Circumference Measure at center of knee
G Calf Circumference Measure at widest point around calf
H Ankle Circumference Measure above ankle bone
I Neck to Knee - Front Measure length from neck to center of knee (knee to be bent as shown)
J Neck to Shoulder Measure from neck base to end of sleeve joint
K Sleeve Joint Circumference Measure around arm at sleeve joint
L Bicep Circumference Measure at widest point around bicep, with muscle taut
M Elbow Circumference Measure around arm at elbow (arm to be bent as shown)
N Forearm Circumference Measure at largest point around forearm, with muscle taut
O Wrist Circumference Measure at widest point around wrist
P Shoulder to Elbow Measure from sleeve joint to elbow point
Q Elbow to Wrist Measure from elbow to point to wrist
R Shoulder To Shoulder - High Measure from top of shoulder across back from sleeve joint to sleeve joint
S Neck To Waist - Front Measure length from neck/shoulder to waistline
T Neck To Waist - back Measure from neck bast to waistline.
U Waist To Knee Measure from waistline to center of knee
V Knee To Ankle Measure from center of knee to top of ankle
W Crotch To Knee Measure from highest point in crotch to center of knee on inside leg
X Front Waistline To Back Waistline Measure from front waistline, under the crotch to the rear waistline
Y Neck To Ankle Measure from neck base to top of ankle
Z Vertical Torso Circumference Measure from shoulder at neck, down to crotch, underneath and back to starting point